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Okay, so Thursday I spent the night at a friends house with the hope and goal to re-start and finish a horribly confusing book assigned to us in our honors history class.


This book made no sense. It was confusing, stupid, jumbled up, boring, oh, and written about 70 years ago.

Both my friend and I are very advanced, super quick readers, and It took us an hour to read the first 20 pages, and those were the easy ones! We had to stop and discuss almost every sentence, and it seemed that every section, (each chapter was divided into like six 30 page sections—terrible, I know) it became harder and more confusing to read.

There were no quotation marks ad it did not tell who was talking. It would randomly switch from subject to subject and used vocabulary “not-found” in our handy-dandy electric porta-dictionary.

I one paragraph, a sentence described (pointlessly) how a girls hair was like an angels silk. The next sentence stated that she couldn’t “hold anything down” and the next told how if she got wet than she’d get a cold, and if not a cold, than a fever. And that’s an easier one in more understandable terms.

In short, we hated it. We still hate it.

We spent hours ad hours miserably reading it before we were only 4 chapters away to the end and we had absolutely no idea what we were reading.

We looked up chapter summaries online.

I’m not looking forward to the test.

Anyways, after that we saw the movie “Valentines Day” and it was pretty cute. 🙂

I don’t really know of anything else…and I’m suddenly exhausted. So…



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