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So today my club met and it was super-duper fun. It was our valentines event and we spent the majority of the time tackling each other followed by dancing, talking and snacking. We had a really fun time.

Well, Happy almost-practically Valentine’s Day!

That’s pretty much it, and I should be in bed since I have to be up around 7 tomorrow.. 😉 (and I do;t eve like my church class!!!)



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So I’m feeling pretty updated and happy today! I just love days like this.

I’m home enjoying being alone, I feel clean, comfy, I’m eating a deliciously healthy snack (Whole grain-wheat bread with PB and banana and a glass of milk)

Also, I’ve turned in my application, which my teachers reluctantly but yet happily filled out the forms for because thank goodness they love me…

I’ve caught up on make-up work, and I’m getting prepared for the next couple months worth of my own clubs invites and updating our website.

I’ve cleared my email, and now I’m listening to a joyful, upbeat, very catchy song that fits my mood to a point. (Hey Soul Sista by The Train)

Oh and here’s another song, it’s not too bad 😉 (Orianthi- According to You)

Happy Wednesday Bloggers!

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