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Happy Sunday!

Today in church we talked about the story of Cain and Aibel.

In a nutshell…

  • Cain and Aibel both presented offerings to God.
  • God accepted Aibel’s, but not his brother Cain’s.
  • Cain was angry.
  • Cain took Aibel up a hill, and murdered him.

And on that note…

Happy Sunday!


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So today my club met and it was super-duper fun. It was our valentines event and we spent the majority of the time tackling each other followed by dancing, talking and snacking. We had a really fun time.

Well, Happy almost-practically Valentine’s Day!

That’s pretty much it, and I should be in bed since I have to be up around 7 tomorrow.. 😉 (and I do;t eve like my church class!!!)


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I’d like to start off by saying the reason I haven’t posted in a while is because this computer was screwed up, as always.

Well, today my pastor preached about Moses and Joshua.

He told us about how when God became angry at Moses along the way to the promise land, He {GOD} took Moses up to the top of a mountain to where he could see the promise land, and had Moses die there, never allowing him to visit the sweet place.

He then told about how Joshua took lead and parted the Jordan river {an echo of when Moses parted the red sea} showing that God was with them.

He told our congregation about when Joshua and the people were told by God to march around their enemy’s town once for a few days while remaining completely silent except for their trumpets.

On the last day they marched around the town 7 times and then all yelled, shouted, and blew the trumpets loud.

He told us how the how their enemy’s town crumbled.

Our pastor continued to tell us the next part of the story. How Joshua and his people were told by God to burn all the enemy’s things, or they would be punished.

He told about how they came upon their next enemy, a ‘wimpy’ one. And how  they sent very few soldiers (about 2-3,000) because they expected a great victory.

He told us how they failed, And how many died. (About 36 I believe)

He went on telling us how Joshua lay on the ground and cried and prayed when he heard the bad news, and how God told him to get off the ground, and explained to Joshua that one of his people disobeyed his instructions and that if the sin was not destroyed then God would no longer be with them and they would continue to fail in battles.

When the man who disobeyed, Akin, confessed to stealing some silver, gold, and a fancy garment, he, his wife, and even his children were stoned.

The point of his sermon was to explain hidden sin. About how people say: “Oh, no one knows about this! It can’t hurt anyone!” but how it effects everyone. Family, friends, the entire church.

But he preached about how God will forgive us and all our sins if we go to him.

Happy Sunday.

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