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So I’m feeling pretty updated and happy today! I just love days like this.

I’m home enjoying being alone, I feel clean, comfy, I’m eating a deliciously healthy snack (Whole grain-wheat bread with PB and banana and a glass of milk)

Also, I’ve turned in my application, which my teachers reluctantly but yet happily filled out the forms for because thank goodness they love me…

I’ve caught up on make-up work, and I’m getting prepared for the next couple months worth of my own clubs invites and updating our website.

I’ve cleared my email, and now I’m listening to a joyful, upbeat, very catchy song that fits my mood to a point. (Hey Soul Sista by The Train)

Oh and here’s another song, it’s not too bad 😉 (Orianthi- According to You)

Happy Wednesday Bloggers!


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BAD NEWS: So as you may have guessed, I have the flu. I woke up around 2:30am this morning with stomach pains, and well, you know what the flu is. It;s really been going around lately… and I didn’t get to sleep in with the 2 hour late start because I’ve been awake since 2:30am.

GOOD NEWS: Anyways, the good news is that we’re pretty sure it’s only a 24 hour virus.

BAD NEWS: I couldn’t my journalism application in…eep! Stupid flu…

GOOD NEWS: I discovered some other people who haven’t turned theirs in either, and I can still turn it in tomorrow. Also, I got it finished. (obviously)

BAD NEWS: I’ve been pigging out all day on junk because, well, that’s just what you do when your sick.

GOOD NEWS: I’ve always though fruit rollups were the best in the threesome (Gushers, by the foot, rollups) because they have the best flavor etc., etc. And today I discovered yet another way to enjoy them slower. I used to just eat them rolled up sort of like a lollipop, but I discovered if you divide it into 3 squares and stick a square to your palm and just lick your hand… (HAHAHA) Well, it works, and you can still multitask. Like I’m typing with one on my palm right now. 😀

Well, that’s pretty much it for today…


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Well, not a really exciting day.

First of, I’m really excited because lately I’ve been eating breakfast every morning. And not just breakfast, but a good, semi-complete breakfast. (Whole grain wheat toast for grains, egg for protein, banana and blueberries for potassium, and orange juice with pulp. 🙂

Also, I’m mad at myself because I haven’t turned in my Journalism application yet for high school and it’s due in two days. Where did the time go?? I have it done, it’s just not typed. So, since we have a late-start tomorrow, (YAY!!!) I think I might type it before school.

Getting in to Journalism is really important to me for two reasons. Mainly, because I want to be in that class. The problem is, I’m most likely going to a private school next year. But I figured, What if I don’t? So I’m not taking any chances and I’m applying. The teacher says it’s not a big deal if I transfer as long as they know before school starts, which they would.

The other reason is I wanna see if I can! If I’m good enough, ya know?

Another thing: My partner and I finished our history project!

Also, a  friend and I are setting two other friends (who claim to hate each other, but it’s obviously just the opposite) up together. We’re tricking them in to meeting at Braum’s and having to sit through a romantic date complete with the 2-strawed milkshake and all!

Lastly, I’m really trying to earn some money. Not really for anything particular, just cause I like to have it available. I think a good amount to ALWAYS have in your wallet is $20 but I’m trying to seriously earn some bucks. 🙂 So I’m getting serious about my allowance so I can have sort of a “steady income”  if you understand what I’m saying.

Well, that’s pretty much it and I’m REALLY supposed to be in bed, so…


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